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I kind of wanted to ramble a little bit of an opinion given the patterns I've seen over the years, not only on DeviantART but on many websites and communities.

Disclaimer: This isn't addressed at you guys or any group in specific; this is just what I see as a whole in these communities and I am 100% included in this! Just so no one takes this too personal! :nod:

Digital Art is currently at the very tippy top of people's interests for the most part. There's beautiful colors and characters and stories told over hours and hours of labor, and the brightness and effects are probably what appeals to the eye. It's easy to consume in a 5-10 second period before moving on to the next piece. It has its fair share of criticism from non-artists or elitists who say all you do is press a few buttons and cheat, but otherwise it gets the most attention on DeviantART. I personally love Digital Art myself, and it's my primary art now! There's so much you can do with it without having to repeatedly buy materials (save for tablet nibs once in a while).

I'd like to state that this ISNT a jab at Digital Artists, or saying it's 'lesser' or 'easier' or that these other artist deserve -more- than digital artists, or anything of the sort!! I want them all to be more on an equal ground of respect is all!

But here are some other arts I feel like should get a little more attention.


Now Photography isn't too far behind, because it can also be touched up digitally for some amazing effects and seems to get a fair amount of attention. However many people seem to think photography is easy as just pointing and clicking. While it can be sometimes, making a truly stunning photograph takes so much more work and heart. You can't just point and click and be done; you have to think of the fundamentals of a good shot, the lighting, the framing, etc. Plus as an amateur photographer myself, you often have to take DOZENS of photos just to find maybe one or two that you MIGHT like. There's a reason someone's selfie pales in comparison to a professional shot! It has a bad rep here on DeviantART cause a good number is just similar pictures of nothing but naked women, but I urge you to look a little deeper. There's some ASTOUNDING stuff tucked away. :D


Writing is a BIG one, especially given a particularly awful April Fool's prank from the past here on DeviantART. Many of you may not remember it (and it seems DeviantART swept it under the rug for the most part), but the 'joke' was that DA was getting a side website for writers to be appreciated. Many people were excited, as writing gets drowned out by all the visual art, only to find out hey! Big joke!! :no:

I have to confess that I don't consume a lot of writing myself, unless it's shown to me. People don't often have as much patience to sit and read nowadays, and thats why digital art is easier to consume. They just look at it for a bit and move on, but writing doesn't have the flashy imagery. Many writers I know are frustrated with this, and some of them partner with artists just to get some sort of exposure, and it's really unfortunate. :( I know there's a few big writing groups on DA, but they gotta get a little more appreciation. Writing is the backbone of EVERY story, every movie, every comic we see. If you have a comic with AWFUL art but an amazing, compelling story, it'll still get people excited! If you have a story with flashy art but awful writing, it's more open to criticism. Every favorite character you have is written and crafted by someone! We have to respect our writers and remind them we love them! :)

Traditional Art

I'm talkin' about the good ol' pen and pencil, markers, crayons, etc! Though more specifically, I'm talkin' the monochrome/greyscale art. There is TREMENDOUS skill in making art without the crutch of an undo button or immediate layers you can edit and move anytime. Especially for painting. I have high respect for traditional artists, and it's unfortunate that they're often overlooked in favor of digital art. :( My traditional drawing skills have weakened over the years because I've also been spoiled on digital art. It's honestly important to be able to have strong skills with a pencil so you can bring it to the computer screen! And whether traditional artists do it by choice or because they cant afford the tools/programs, they absolutely deserve just as much respect and encouragement as anyone.

If you guys have any of the following kinds of art you want to share with me that hasn't really gotten much attention, let me know! :) I'll look at anything you have to offer. I can't promise I can give amazingly deep feedback, but I'll still try to say something about it!

So no matter what kind of artist you are, whether your work is appreciated or not, please keep creating! :) Your work is wonderful and brings something to brighten someone's day. People follow and watch you for a reason; they wanna see what you're doing and what you wanna show, and they want to see you grow! Keep up the good work, keep posting your wonderful art, and remember that even if the masses may not appreciate you, a lot of people still do, and will!

Do you have any kinds of art you feel need more attention? Anything I didn't list here? Please let me know! :la:


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